Teaching is learning twice

The saying goes that teaching is learning twice. You must deeply understand the subject matter and repeat what you've learned when teaching something. However, it goes beyond that. In addition to being knowledgeable, you must also be able to convey the information to others. This requires patience and the ability to distance yourself from the material.

To effectively teach, you must also convey the importance of the subject matter to your students. You represent the field and aim to instill passion in your students. You must love both the subject matter and teaching and be able to create engaging exercises to help them learn. Your role is to guide them toward mastery.

Teaching often involves repetition, which is the key to knowledge. When you teach, you gain new insights and learn from the experience. Your years of study are condensed into a few lessons each week. As a teacher, you must bring forth your knowledge and share your excitement for the subject matter with your students.

You are solely responsible for lighting the fire of passion in your students, a passion that will last a lifetime.