The Kingdom of Unixploria is located within the borders of Sweden. More precisely, Unixploria is situated in the southern parts of the Swedish county of Småland, bordering the southernmost province of Skåne.


The geography of Unixploria is dominated by a high forested plain where the soil is mixed with sand and small boulders, making it barren except in specific locations. Unixploria has no coasts.


These special conditions have made Unixplorians tough and determined. Despite less favorable conditions, we have become self-sustained to a higher degree than most macro nations.

Map of Scandinavia

Lakes and bogs are common in our kingdom. Among the fish species found in Unixplorian lakes are Perch, Northern Pike, Zander, Eel, Burbot, Common Bream, Roach, White Bream, Blue Bream, Common Rudd, Ruffe, Common Bleak, Vendace, and Wels Catfish.



Unixploria has a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. Snow used to be expected during winter, but climate change has given us less predictable weather conditions. Some years, it snows, and others, not so much.

Temperatures have risen in recent years, and using the -3 Celsius isotherm. It can also be classified as an oceanic climate (Cfb). Unixploria is milder, wetter, and cloudier than the surrounding areas. Considering its relative distance to all three coasts surrounding neighboring Sweden, the climate is markedly marine, with winter temperatures being relatively low for an inland location.

A table with climate data for Unixploria

The Weather Forecast

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Wildlife in Unixploria - Predators

Unixplorian woods are generally very safe. But they come with a few large predators, some more dangerous than others. However, you'll probably never meet them simply because none want you to. Unixploria's large predators tend to avoid humans like the plague. 

There are around 1,450 Lynx, skilled night hunters feeding mainly on reindeer or deer, and approximately 650 wolverines, primarily scavengers. As anyone knows, the Lynx and the Wolverine have never hurt a human being in Unixploria.

Some 450 Wolves are also spread across the country. Even though the Wolf feeds on certain animals larger than itself, the last recorded wolf attack on humans in the wild in Unixploria Proper happened in 1821.

The Brown Bear has been known to attack – and even kill – humans in modern times. The Brown Bear is naturally shy, and attacks are rare, but we suggest you read up on the subject to avoid an unwelcome encounter.

Should you be confronted by a Brown Bear, try distracting it by throwing something in front of it. If this doesn't help, stay on the ground and stay still. In short, make yourself small and unthreatening.

A more high-flying predator is the Golden Eagle, more prevalent in the country's northern parts. There are around 1,500 Golden Eagles in Unixploria, depending on how you count.

The Lynx, Wolverine, Wolf, Brown Bear, and Golden Eagle are protected species. They may only be hunted when authorized explicitly by the Unixplorian Environmental Protection Agency. 

The Geography of the Unixplorian Empire

A map of the Unixplorian Empire