Friends of Unixploria


We present links to websites that many Unixplorians frequent regularly.

Persons with whom we share interests created these sites, second only to Unixplorian curiosity.

We will add more links shortly. If you think you have a website of interest to us, please drop us a line and tell us a bit about yourself, your site, and your interests. 

N.B. These pages are unrelated to our micronational endeavors, although the Friends of Unixploria often share our visions and interests.


All texts and images are the intellectual properties of the owners of each website.

THE COSMIC POLYMATH by Michael Hardcastle

"I got inspired to create my website after studying a number of 18th and 19th-century scientists or polymaths who had an encyclopedic outlook in their study of the natural world and many other fields of science. I also love the art and craftsmanship of those two periods, especially the Victorian era. What was created back then was created to last, unlike the 'throw-away' creations of today. My interest in Cryptozoology has been lifelong, as my father has always been interested in the subject. He knew people who had seen thylacines here on the mainland."