The Kingdom Unixploria is a sovereign state within the borders of southern Sweden, with territories in other parts of the world.

Our journey began with a playful idea of building a nation, a common interest shared by many micronationalists. As we progressed, we established a functional administration for our country.


As nation-builders, we often ponder why we enjoy designing flags, composing national anthems, and setting up governmental systems.

Map of Scandinavia

It does not mean we've rejected our old countries. We could not have established this nation unless we were lucky enough to live in a part of the world where fundamental freedom still reigns. Sweden will always be our "home country," and nothing can change that. However, we have created our realm, our nation, within a nation, without ever taking up arms or raising our voices. The two kingdoms of Sweden and Unixploria live in happy coexistence.  


In a way, we all build nations to make things better. We build countries that we wish would exist. Besides, there is no real difference in quantity between macronation and micronation. If we were 300 million people united under one flag, we could undoubtedly claim independence and form a country, then why not do it even if you're just 10, 5, or 1 individual(s)?

Why Start a New Country?

You might be inclined to ask: Why start your own country? Our intentions and rewards have been centered around the freedom to build a state where my family's values, traditions, and history could become their own. We did not feel our macro nations offered this and declared our independence.


As for royal lineage, one could argue that all the world's royal families are royal because somebody decided to make them so. Maybe it was due to historical circumstances, possibly because of heroism, and in some cases, even pure coincidence.


We don't try to hide that we are not royal as blood lineage goes, but we are royals in our domain; we are royals in the State of Unixploria. We are, in fact, in the State of Unixploria. The name "kingdom" can, of course, also be applied to neutral statements such as "the Kingdom of Dreams" or "we live in a Kingdom on Earth." Unixplorians, on the other hand, live in the Kingdom of Unixploria, and the royal family has added a bit of regal eccentricity to our great nation.


The Kingdom of Unixploria is a vision that no earthly nation has yet achieved. We are humbled to be that beacon in a world lacking inspiration and ideas. Just as the elected kings and queens of ancient petty kingdoms are now lost in history, we still believe that what constitutes a great king or queen is not just a question of heritage by blood. It is a legacy of individual honor and blood and an ethical compass pointing to good deeds.


A micronation certainly has support from various conventions, i.g. The Montevideo Convention states that to form your sovereign nation, you must have the following:


1. a permanent population

2. a defined territory

3. a government

4. a capacity to enter into relations with other states. Alternatively, our future country, with a functioning polity, government, and political cabinets


Furthermore, the first sentence of Article 3 explicitly states that "The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by the other states." (The Montevideo Convention, 1933). According to this, we can safely claim that we are a sovereign nation.


Unixploria is the Kingdom of Dreams

Micronationalism comes in many shapes and forms. Some nations are very serious about appearing like any macronational country, and others start their micronations out of curiosity or as a creative project. Unixploria results from everything mentioned, but this nation is about keeping dreams alive more than anything.


We've read several thoughts on various micronational sites arguing about the number of worldwide micronations. We've never understood their debate. 900, 1000, or even 10,000 micronations might seem excessive, but is there an actual list with all the real micronations for us to browse? In all honesty, aren't we all just playing games here?


Sure, some put more effort into their micronational projects than others, but as far as we know, we all are rulers of unrecognized countries. We don't intend to ridicule or offend someone; we state the obvious. We love micronationalism because it offers new viewpoints and diversity to societal life in our global village.


Of course, we can argue that we run a country just like any other. However, that would be an exaggeration since very few outside our micronational sphere have ever heard of our empires, kingdoms, and republics. That being said, there's nothing wrong with building countries you wish existed for real, but creating a recognized nation with all the trimmings would take more than just a website and a flag.


We think of the Kingdom of Unixploria more like a project, a family within a nation without natural powers outside our realm. Our surrounding macronation (Sweden) could invade us whenever they please; we would be defenseless. They could even take parts of our land and do so with support from their legislation. We could argue that they're violating the Codex Unixploria, but it would not hold up in court.


As long as we behave, we can do as we please. There isn't a single micronation in the world that can claim actual sovereignty. There are many separatist movements in the world; some even form nations, but none of them started by saying, "We are a micronation." We're not picking on anyone who wants to split from their macronation. We're just saying that if you are set on creating a particular country, you better prepare for complex challenges shortly.


As micronationalists, we contribute somewhat to that divide, even though we do so out of self-preservation. The latter is also our paramount concern regarding micronationalism. In our darkest moments, we ask ourselves, "Is it worth it all?" do we need more separatism when our macronations are tearing apart from ethnic and religious tensions? Are we contributing to the demise of countries and supporting mass anarchy?

The Royal Coat of Arms of Unixploria
Government of Unixploria
Church of Unixploria
The national falg of Unixploria held by a map of the world.

The Royal Court

The Royal Court is of great importance to our kingdom. The Royal Family are promoters and good role models for Unixplorian culture, but they also play an important role in political life.

The Government

King Leif I is the leader of the government of Unixploria. The work in the government is divided into six cabinets. Each cabinet is led by a Cabinet Minister, who reports directly to the king.

The Church of Unixploria

The Church of Unixploria is a Christian church founded upon the Four Marks of the church, which were first expressed in the Nicene Creed: Unity, Holiness, Catholicity, and Apostolicity.

Our Culture

We are a nation of explorers and collectors. What do we mean by that? First of all, we explore the world to understand it better, and we collect artefacts to organize the world according to our minds and hearts.



There is no such thing as a perfect country or an ideal place. We were born in a country. That country is no more. Our parents were born in another country. That country is no more. So, we founded our own country, longing for a place to call home. Guess what? Home never changed into something unfamiliar. Home is where we are. It results from all our imagined dreams where heroes are still heroes, and a kiss has no Judas to stain a perfect picture of love.


We live a content life but still long for other sights and times. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. Every wish is granted; every picture, scent, and color is vivid and real, perhaps more so than the strange world we keep hearing about in media.


We all long for emotions, countries, ideas, and places rooted in our nostalgic visions: England during the late 1800s, da Vinci’s Florence, or Sweden during the Viking era. Those places and times appeal to us but are no longer and perhaps never were. People must have had the same nostalgia back then, longing for places long gone. They are still alive, however. They live in us, creating a defined yet spaceless frame to evaluate our lives. Our ancestors speak to us, explaining what course to take.


We live in the best times, country, and physical surroundings, feeling more content than anyone can imagine. We live a productive life in a clearly defined realm entire of life, but still no more. We live in Unixploria, our old kingdom, where the echoes from millennia of nostalgia known as the days of yore speak to us and tell us to be patient. They say the best is yet to come, and we believe them. We have never stopped believing.


May peace dwell upon your humble abode, and may the dreams from your past catch up with you wherever you are.

We believe in a free market, but not at any cost. Regulation is needed to prevent oligarchical tendencies, and environmental legislation is necessary to protect nature and natural resources.

We also believe that universal healthcare is a cornerstone of any civilized society. We use progressive taxation; the more you earn, the more you contribute to society.   


Unixplorian, Unixplorian.


Yes, we do. Christian culture and tradition influence our culture, legislation, and practices. Our Kingdom has undergone several religious shifts through the ages but has been a Christian nation for 1200 years. The Church of Unixploria is our state church.


0,001307 km² in Unixploria Proper. The Unixplorian Empire has possessions on all continents. The Kingdom also has 22 colonial provinces across the globe. 


Unquantified citizens.


Temperate with cold, cloudy winters and cool, partly cloudy summers yet always bright outlook.

Time Zone

We use the Unixplorian Standard Time, UST + 1.0 hours GMT/+ 2.0 hours UTC.

Date Format


Are we a tribal nation?


The short answer would be 'yes,' but it is difficult to explain what a tribal nation looks like today.


A generally accepted definition of a tribe is a social group (often, but not necessarily, with shared culture and ethnicity) outside or before developing states.


The Kingdom of Unixploria is like a large family, a relatively tight group of members joined by blood or culture.


Our nation is young, but our historical record is ancient, although we have been oppressed and unwillingly divided by different rulers and forced to wave other flags through the ages.


Unixploria brings all that division and tyranny to an end. We are no longer part of any forced national identity. We are a tribal kingdom united by soil, blood, and pride. We are family, the proud inheritors of cultures and traditions once divided, joined together as the Kingdom of Unixploria.


National Motto

Our nation's official motto is "Dreams live here." The royal house uses the King's slogan, "In Sapientia Libertas." ('In Wisdom Freedom').

Independence Day

August 8. With tongue in cheek, we can argue that the Kingdom of Unixploria has been around since our tribe first came to the far reaches of the North, about 5000-7000 years ago, according to genealogical DNA tests. More seriously, our nation's name and micronational concept are pretty new. Our micronation was founded on August 8, 2006, A.D. We've been present online since October 15, 2015, A.D.




Unixplorian Enlightened Monarchy.

Official Language

The official language of Unixploria is English, and the national language is Swedish. For more information about our language policy, click here.


Unixplorian Vitten (UVI). 1 Vitten = 100 Fjordings. The UVI is on par with the Swedish Krona.


We have a mixed (green) economy, a system blending market economy with state interventionism elements.

Our National Symbols

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