Diplomatic Relations


The king and his government usually accept requests from other nations to sign mutual recognition agreements. However, for the time being, we cannot engage in full diplomatic relationships as we do not yet have the means to establish embassies abroad.


We have colonial interests, and those are right now our priority. We want to grow, making diplomatic relations with other nations important, but future colonial possessions are of greater importance to us.

Mutual Recognition

We share an agreement of mutual recognition with a few nations. Mutual recognition does not mean we stand behind the nations we recognise as a country. It is not an agreement of mutual aid, politically, financially, or military. It merely implies that we accept these countries as sovereign nations.

Nota bene

  1. We encourage new micronations but do not enter diplomatic relations with countries unless they have been active in the micronational sphere for at least a year.
  2. We also require that any micronation we sign a treaty with has an official website, not including social media pages.

List of Micronations Recognised by Unixploria

Recognised Macronations

The Kingdom of Unixploria recognises most micronations, but we do not respect them equally. Below is a world map with three colours to differentiate how we view macronations.

N.B. We do not believe that a passport describes a person's character. An individual may live in a dysfunctional country, but that does not mean they represent or support the regime. Kindness isn't restricted to specific countries or limited by national borders.

Green countries are what we consider free nations; they are our allies. They consist of free and democratic states with a high percentage of personal and political freedom. Most of these nations are based on Western ideas of human rights and responsibilities. 

Orange countries are not fully developed countries. They usually lack democratic and civic liberties or are in conflict. Some may be pseudo-democratic, others bordering totalitarian. The Kingdom of Unixploria encourages these nations to learn from more developed countries to gain our full respect. We do not recommend that Unixplorian citizens visit these countries without taking the necessary precautions and informing our consular authorities before leaving Unixploria. 

Red countries are non-functioning nations. These countries lack respect for human life and have no democratic aspirations. Personal freedom is restricted, and their penal system is unjust and arbitrary. We advise you not to travel to non-functioning countries or areas due to local conditions and our limited ability to provide consular services. You should strongly consider not going to them at all. Travelling to high-risk areas may increase your risk of kidnapping, hostage-taking, theft, and severe injury.