Diplomatic Relations


The king and his government usually accept requests from other nations to sign mutual recognition agreements. However, we cannot, for the time being, engage in full diplomatic relationships as we do not yet have the means to establish embassies abroad.


We have colonial interests, and those are right now our priority. We want to grow, which makes diplomatic relations with other nations important, but future colonial possessions are of greater importance to us at this point.

Mutual Recognition

We share an agreement of mutual recognition with a few nations. Mutual recognition does not mean we stand behind the nations we recognize as a country. It is not an agreement of mutual aid, politically, financially, or military. It merely implies that we accept these countries as sovereign nations.

Nota bene

  1. We encourage new micronations, but we do not enter diplomatic relations with countries unless they have been active in the micronational sphere for at least a year.
  2. We also require that any micronation we sign a treaty with has an official website, not including social media pages.

List of Micronations Recognized by Unixploria