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Library and Information Science
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Information Literacy

May 8, 2006

Information Literacy. Theoretical and Practical Definitions. 

Original Title: Informations-kompetens. Definitioner i teori och praktik.

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 12 pages, 2417 words.

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School Library

June 2, 2007

Activities in the School Library – A Study of how School Librarians Prioritize School Library Activities according to Social Identity. 

Original Title: Skolbibliotekets verksamheter. En studie av hur skolbibliotekarier och lärarbibliotekarier prioriterar skolbibliotekets verksamheter utifrån social identitet.

Language: Swedish. Abstract in English.

Statistics: 63 pages, 25 074 words.

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Coming Soon

October 20, 2022

Here be Dragons.

Original Title: Here Be Dragons.

Language: English.

Statistics: 5 pages, 1059 words.

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