Unixplorian Empire

The Unixplorian Empire

The Unixplorian Empire is ruled by a King whose dominions stretch globally. Although Unixploria Proper is relatively small, the Empire has grown considerably, with colonial possessions expanding on every continent.

All subjects, whether they reside in Unixploria Proper or the provinces, are treated with the same judicial and cultural respect. Despite being geographically dispersed, the Empire is one nation.

We pray that God continues to bless our great Kingdom and all its provinces.

Long live the Unixplorian Empire!

About Unixplorian Colonialism

Colonialism used to be a practice in which one group or nation-state controls and directs other people or areas, often by establishing colonies. This was done for the strategic and economic advancement of the colonizing group.

During the colonial era, governments invested in infrastructure and trade and spread medical and technological knowledge. In some instances, they also promoted literacy and the adoption of Western human rights standards, laying the foundation for democratic institutions and systems of government. Some colonies saw improvements in nutrition and health under colonial rule, and European settlement in certain areas has been associated with development gains.

It is crucial to recognize that while historical colonization had some favorable impacts, it also resulted in numerous adverse consequences. Today, former colonies are facing issues such as the mistreatment of indigenous communities, economic and social inequality, inadequate government infrastructure, and religious conflicts.

Our colonial efforts involve a small number of colonists and aim to benefit Unixploria Proper through cultural and technological exchange. We use imperial projects as a form of surrogate colonialism, which involves a settlement project supported by a colonial power where the majority of the settlers do not belong to the same ethnic group as the ruling power.

We do not interfere or meddle in the affairs of other nations. However, we protect our Unixplorian citizens in case of threats or hostile events. The Colonial State of Unixploria is a state within a state that connects Unixplorians worldwide, enabling cultural, technological, and humanitarian progress. Regardless of where Unixplorians reside, they can rely on a community fostering social connections, advancement, and prosperity.

Our Provinces

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