Pledge of Allegiance



I pledge my allegiance to the Kingdom of Unixploria and the Eternal Values for which it stands. Our Flag, Constitution, Nature, History, and People are sacred to me, as is the Curious Unixplorian culture that exists here but nowhere else.


We are united under our Royal House but never subject to the volatile rule. Science and God guide us, joined together by humble Curiosity. We believe in God, we seek the Truth, and we will find Righteousness in a world with none.

We are proud to call ourselves Unixplorians. The world may have lost its compass, but we have not. It always has, and always will, stand for something whole and tangible, something more significant than the sum of its parts. We continue to explore unchartered lands when others are lost using inaccurate maps.


May God continue to bless the Kingdom of Unixploria and the Eternal Values for which it stands.


Unixploria has a unique culture consisting of a population that honors curiosity as the creative goal in life. I also know that I must use science better to understand the world around me and my faith to help me, my family and my nation navigate difficult passages.

All men are born curious, explorers and collectors at heart. I also think liberty, freedom, and justice are fundamental to any civilized nation. The core values are to seek justice and freedom and lead a fulfilling life.

Curiosity will aid the initial steps of exploration, leading to discoveries for me as an individual and our beloved nation. Whenever I read, listen, watch, travel, or make things, I must always consider how my voyages of discovery can better our kingdom, thus adding prosperity to our fair country.

Collecting means more than just collecting new things and experiences from near and far. It also implies a sense of order in a world we still know little about. I will use my collections to classify the planet and beyond to gain knowledge, first personally and later advance science in our kingdom.

However, being an explorer, collector, scholar, and scientist isn’t enough. I know that I will also need to navigate through a landscape that can be hostile. Sense and reason are not enough to guide me through it all. I need something more profound and all-encompassing; I need God. My Christian faith will carry me through the most challenging passages of the journey, giving me a moral compass to aid me in my travels.

Considering all the things mentioned above, I know that I must honor and protect the Kingdom of Unixploria and the inherent values for which it stands.