Papers, reflections, and projects.

March 5, 1995

Odin and the Runes. An Investigation of the Magical Meaning of the Runes in Norse Mythology. 

Original Title: Oden och runorna. En uppsats om runornas magiska betydelse i nordisk myhology. 

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 13 pages, 3314 words.

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March 10, 1995

What is Dialect? Examples from the South-Smolandian Dialect. 

Original Title: Vad är en dialekt? Med exempel från sydsmåändsk fatabur.

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 7 pages, 1289 words.

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May 10, 1995

A Stylistic Analysis of a Newspaper Article.

Original Title: En stilistisk analys av en kåserande tidningsartikel.

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 5 pages, 1055 words.

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