To put it bluntly, you cannot apply for Unixplorian citizenship. There is no way to become a Unixplorian citizen; you must be born here. We would, however, be delighted if you took the time to create your empire, kingdom, or republic instead of becoming part of ours.

If you are fortunate enough to be a citizen of this great nation, you have the following rights and obligations:


The Rights of a Citizen

- the right to free speech and assembly,

- the right to hold political office and vote in the Unixplorian elections,

- the right to search and explore knowledge in our libraries and museums,

- the right to free fiber broadband with a minimum speed of 200 MB/s,

- the right to free access to over a thousand TV channels, including an extensive physical media library.

- the right to free access to over 2000 magazines, both printed and digital,

- the right of public access to nature in all of Unixploria,

- the right to visit the Royal Family once a year.

The Obligations of a Citizen

- You must respect and show reverence for Unixplorian culture, nature, and Unixplorian customs,

- You have an obligation always to set a good example for your country,

- You must follow the Codex Unixploria, the Unixplorian law,

- You must discover, explore, and learn about the world around you,

- You must strive to become a better person than you were yesterday.



We are an ancient nation and share bonds with people of all ages worldwide. Our honorary citizens are diverse, but they all share our passion for exploring, collecting, and our way of life.

Apply for a National Identification Card

An ID card, or identity card, is a small but valid document containing a photograph and other personal information. This information matches the person's identity with data registers, banks, and authorities.

The card is connected with the data register or document through an identity concept, which includes the person's name, social security number, signature, gender, and citizenship.

In the Kingdom of Unixploria, everyone in the country must identify the police when they request it. There is no formal requirement for domestic persons in other countries, but identification documents are usually needed for certain services.

In most countries, foreigners must have passports with them at all times. If they live in the country, they usually get an identity card.

If you are a citizen of unixploria, you can apply for an ID Card at the Government House in Stronghaven. 

Triple Citizenship

The Kingdom of Unixploria accepts three kinds of citizenship: our nation of birth (macronation), our nation by choice (micronation), and our spiritual country (the Kingdom of God).



The (macro) country you were born in, i.g. Sweden, Australia, or Japan. You may have deep roots in another country, but your country of birth is what counts.


The (micro) country you live in. You may have founded the country or gained citizenship by applying. 

Spiritual Nation

Your nation of faith (a fellowship with God and all humans of faith), i.e., your eternal citizenship, which transcends all others.