The Royal Home Guard


The Royal Home Guard consists mainly of local rapid response units organized in battalions with associated auxiliary defense organizations. Most soldiers maintain a civilian job while serving in the army part-time.


The Royal Home Guard is part of the Unixplorian Armed Forces' mission-based organization. The Royal Home Guard constitutes the basis for the protection of Unixploria. It operates over the entire conflict scale, from societal support during high strains in peacetime to armed combat in times of war.


The personnel comprises locally recruited volunteers and consists mainly of experienced soldiers and officers with a background in mission-based units.


When the Armed Forces are called in to help with forest fires, flooding, or missing person searches, it often falls to Royal Home Guard units to support law enforcement and Rescue Services. Territorial surveillance, base security, escort duties, transport protection, target identification, and artillery spotting are other typical Royal Home Guard duties.


In addition to the personnel who have completed their national service or Basic Military Training, the Home Guard includes many specialists, such as paramedics, automotive orderlies, and dog handlers, recruited and trained by voluntary defense organizations.