Citizen Scientists of Unixploria


The Citizen Scientists of Unixploria is a non-profit organization that promotes and takes part in different scientific endeavours in Unixploria.


Citizen science can be anything from taking part in an ecological survey to searching for extraterrestrial life forms. Unixplorians are curious, and what better way to help the scientific community than contributing yourself?




Project: Botanica Unixploria

The project aims to help our botanists to do plant surveys on various ecological areas of Unixploria. This survey will be the first initial step to grasping the botanical diversity in our kingdom.

This project will be completed on January 1, 2021, A.D.

Project: Indoor Botany

A new project the royal family has begun working on is to put plant labels on all the indoor plants at Regent House. Each plant will get a designated webpage, easily accessed via a Q.R. code on the title.

The webpage will hold more pictures and information about the general history and use of the plant. The page will also contain more detailed notes concerning individual plants.

There are about a hundred plants to research, but it is a labour of love.

This project will be completed on May 30, 2020, A.D.


The only thing we sometimes question about helping science make advances is the lack of ethical discourse. Why turn in data or contribute if that same data will later be used for questionable research projects? Food for thought.


It is imperative to us that our involvement in scientific projects does not clash with our ethical convictions. We have a few guidelines, however. The overall oath we, as citizen scientists, relate to is summarised in our Scientific Oath. Our national university, Academia Unixploria, also uses the same pledge.


 - Exploring Culture and Nature

We explore the Unixplorian Culture and Nature by funding research and expeditions, both nationally and internationally.


Our expeditions take us to sites nearby as well as the far reaches of the earth. Our missions vary from simple documentation of the changing seasons to more scientifically oriented tasks like inventorying the national flora and fauna.