Friends of Disc Pool


We have taken quite a liking to this "strike-and-pocket" game here in Unixploria but with our national twist. Couronne, or Koronn, is a variant of the board game Carrom. Carrom is believed to originate from India, where it is still prevalent.


The Friends of Disc Pool (FDP) results from our enthusiasm for the game. FDP is the only national organization that promotes this game internationally. We also host the National Unixplorian Championships and maintain and oversee rules and regulations.


The variant of the game best known in Unixploria is derived from the United States, sometimes called Disc Pool, a name we have adopted for our Unixplorian version.


The differences between Carrom and Disc Pool are mainly that the Disc Pool board is more minor. We also use rings instead of large wooden discs and simple queues to push down the coils or discs in the holes.

The goal of disc pool is to pocket all your discs using a striker disk and a queue.

Preparation and Layout
Put the red and yellow (some boards use green) discs inside the circle in the game board center. Then divide two teams (with 2 or 4 players). Hand out a queue to each team. Then give each player a black striker (some boards use yellow) card.

  • 2-player game: Players stand opposite each other at the table. Play from your side of the game board and the left side of you.
  • Four-player game: the team players are placed opposite each other at the game table.

Game Progress
The yellow or green players bounce their strikers against the disks in the circle's center. You can continue to play as long as you pocket a disc of your color. You can pocket the discs in any corner compartment but only shoot from your side of the board.

You can place the striker where you wish, as long as the disc is centered on any of the two lines on your side of the board.

General Rules and Penalties
 - When you pocket a disc of your color, you get an extra shot.

- The game continues with the other team when you pocket a disc of the opponent's color.

- If a disc jumps over the compartment, put the disc in the small circle closest to the compartment.

- If you accidentally pocket your striker, you must pick up a disc of your color. Place the disc in the circle at the center of the board.

Unixplorian Disc Pool Championships