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This website also includes pages for Bibliotheca Unixploria, our National Library, and several of our museums.


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May Your Kingdom be as prosperous as the Kingdom of Unixploria! Regal Greetings and Blessings!


King Leif I

"Dreams Live Here"

16.1.2022 Unixplorian Lego Club added.

10.1.2022 Unixplorian Postal Service updated. 

9.1.2022 Unixplorian Times updated.

8.1.2022 Geography updated.

8.1.2022 Calendar updated.

5.1.2022 Honors and Awards added.

3.1.2022 Unixplorian Postal Service updated.

31.12.2021 Unixplorian Empire added.

29.12.2021 Unixplorian Museum of Motion Pictures updated.

28.12.2021 365 Collections updated.

31.12.2021 About updated.

26.12.2021 The Unixplorian Times updated.

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Curious Expeditions


We explore Unixplorian Culture and Nature by funding expeditions, both nationally and internationally.

Unixplorian Times


The Unixplorian Times offer news and views from a Unixplorian perspective.

Meet us in nature


Natura Unixploria is an attempt to capture some of nature's magic and a way for us to share our beautiful nature with the world.