My Maker Manifesto



Making is fundamental to what it means to be human. We must make, create, and express ourselves to feel whole. There is something unique about making physical things. These things are like little pieces of us and embody portions of our souls. However digital our lives may be, we still need to hold, smell, feel, and use the real stuff.



Sharing what I have made and know about making with others is how a maker's feeling of wholeness is achieved. I cannot make and not share. Sharing goes both ways; credit is always given to those who have earned it.



Few things are more selfless and satisfying than giving away something I have made. The act of making puts a small piece of me in the object. Giving that to someone else is like giving someone a tiny bit of myself. Such things are often the most cherished items we possess.



I must learn to make. I must always seek to understand more about my making. I may become a journeyman or master craftsman, but I will still know, want to learn, and push myself to learn new techniques, materials, and processes. Building a lifelong learning path ensures a rich and rewarding life and enables me to share.



I must have access to the right tools for the project at hand. I promise to invest in and develop local access to the tools I need to do the making I want to do.



I will be playful with what I am making and be surprised, excited, and proud of what I discover.



I will join the Maker Movement and reach out to those around me who discover the joy of making. I will share my making with other makers in my community by talking to others, showcasing the things I make on this website, photographing and publishing them in print, and letting others learn from my mistakes.



This movement requires emotional, intellectual, financial, political, and institutional support. The best hope for improving the world is me; I am responsible for making a better future.



I will embrace the change naturally occurring through my maker journey. Since making is fundamental to being human, I will become a complete version of myself as I make it.


This manifesto is my version of Mark Hatch's manifesto. I encourage you to make it yours.