Librarians - Gatekeepers of Knowledge and Imagination

The library deserves to be a laboratory of knowledge and imagination.


A library is also a repository for expertise that informs, inspires, and makes you grow as a human being. Sometimes you'll even find uncomfortable truths that require visiting places beyond your comfort zone. All these traits are curated and mastered by the Librarian.


I've worked as a librarian for over ten years, a profession I love and am passionate about! In my professional capacity, I mix new and old. The printed book is as important as the blog or the movie, and the computer is as important as the textbook.


I firmly believe that the library goes beyond the library room sets' physical walls, although the physical library is our first room of learning. A library is a tool, an approach that encompasses all knowledge, both in and outside of school. I believe that librarians should be educators as well as librarians. Why even make that distinction? Librarians are educators.


Our unique expertise is second to none. We are scholars, information experts, technology brokers, and language promoters. As librarians, we combine knowledge and imagination into a delicious mixture that easily slips down throats with a thirst for knowledge.

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