Food is about so much more than just satisfying your hunger, and the food is a quest for exploring new tasting sensations.


My mother gave me the first glimpses into the culinary treats. I was a keen bystander, and later student, of her culinary crafts. My first vivid memories are when I sat beside my mom, watching her do magic with the ingredients she had in front of her.


Much has happened since my childhood, however. I now enjoy cooking for my family, and they enjoy eating it! Since I learned the basics of cooking in my youth, those skills still serve me well.


I've now taken steps to deepen my culinary knowledge. Whenever I travel, I make sure to find inspiration and document all the things I enjoy eating. I then use the notes I've scribbled to create something uniquely Unixplorian.


In today's world, most dishes we eat can be found all across the globe. For instance, pizza is no longer a traditional Italian dish, and it is a highly varied experience depending on the origin of the pizza. I'm not saying that all so-called international words differ from one country to another. Still, I do think that culinary globalization also changes the original recipe, adding new flavors and new ways of cooking ingredients, thus creating a new variety and in some cases, an entirely new dish.