Unixplorian Lego Club



Lego lets everyone create things. You may be hopeless at crafts, useless at woodwork, and usually make a mess of everything. On the other hand, Lego lets you build spaceships, cars, and trains. Lego is designed to be used by all. There is no technical skill at all required to create anything. There is nothing that you can't master. A lego spaceship built according to the instructions looks the same if you make it or if a crafts whizz produces it.

Lego lets everyone move beyond following instructions and create whatever they like. You don't have to worry that your technical skill can't keep up with your imagination because it's so simple that you can make things if you're just able to find the bricks.

Lego is not just a toy; it's a way to be creative. With affiliate clubs all over the kingdom, we're building creativity one brick at a time!

Glossary for Lego Enthusiasts