Take a Break


Breaking bad habits

From time to time, we take a break from social media. We do it to distance ourselves from the crowd, to gain new insights into what matters to us as a micronation. We usually create more content on our website, write books, paint or do other creative stuff during our absence from social media.

We have not yet concluded to withdraw altogether, but we're constantly reassessing what we do online. When we feel like entering the sometimes discouring social media scene after a break, we do so with more confidence and insight into what content our platforms should contain. We encourage other micronations to do the same.  

Being in the Present

The effects of technology on our mental health are undeniable. People who depend entirely on social media for entertainment or to eliminate loneliness suffer from more compromised mental health than those who don't.

Taking a break from social media helps reduce mental stress and anxiety. Your mental health is much more important than a couple of likes or comments on your posts.

Also, looking at others and comparing them with your life is a stressful experience for some people. When you stop using social media for a while, it improves your health and peace of mind.

Releases Stress

Stress from social media might come from various sources. The fear of missing out on the news, not getting enough reach on a post, and not getting your opinion respected and liked are some stress-inducing reasons.

Taking a break from social media is the most tested cure for these stresses. The only solution is to leave your socials and use other tools that improve mental health.

Various studies have shown an indirect relationship between stress and excessive social media use. In a 2020 study posted on MDPI, 61 participants in a group were asked to stay away and not use social media for one week. After that time had elapsed, a significant positive change was seen in the mood of the participants.

Explore Nature

If you are among those who prefer using a phone instead of going for outdoor activities, it's time to put your phone aside for some time. Instead of scrolling aimlessly through Twitter or Instagram, go for a walk.

Go hiking, swimming, walking along a beach, jogging in the park, or sitting in the sun with friends and having drinks. Gardening is also considered an excellent way to pass the time by most people.

You do not need to erase your social media presence to appreciate nature. This is just a concept. Take time out of your routine to enjoy the world.


No More Anxiety

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a familiar feeling while scrolling through any social media platform. We tend to forget the golden rule of social media: everything is not as it seems.

Who knows, maybe someone shopping from luxury brands and posting it on social media isn't as happy as they seem.

Staying away from social media for a while can be beneficial as it removes the FOMO complex. Social media is about showing off achievements and accomplishments while hiding sadness and sorrow.

Comparing ourselves to others often leads to depression and anxiety disorders, making us insecure.

Improved Brain Functioning

People who use too much social media have the brain functionality of an addicted person. You may notice that getting more than expected likes and sharing gorgeous pictures or attention releases feelings of happiness. This feeling of pleasure is a dopamine release.

People rely too much on social media and depend on it for simple solutions. It reduces their ability to think freely and solve work-related or personal problems. Include healthy activities and challenge your brain rather than using social media all day.

A healthier brain means you have a better memory and creativity. It also regulates your emotions, helping you make wiser and more stable life decisions. People with healthy brains also have well-functioning body organs and an improved overall lifestyle.

Quality Time

Spending time with family, friends, or pets should be a priority for everyone. Social media has made some people oblivious that the nearest family is supposed to come first, then the friends in real life, and then online friends.

Take a break from the online world to avoid this critical yet common mistake. Spend time with family and check up on your friends. Take the spare time to party with the neighbors and show affection to your pets. Moments like these are never forgotten and often create bonds that are never broken.

Also, it's a good idea to teach your kids the harmful effects of social media and that there is more to life than scrolling it in the bedroom.

Do Something Productive

Spending less time online primarily results in productivity. Higher efficiency in studies, better results in work, and more time to take care of other matters are some of the positive effects of spending less time on social media.

Finding yourself a new hobby such as gardening, playing an instrument, writing, reading, or cycling is helpful for the growth of your mind and a great way to utilize time. Maybe, just maybe, your micronation will also thrive even more without social media.