Guide to Holidays

Unixplorian Holidays and Observances

An Abridged Guide to All the Festivities


January 1 – New Year's Day

The start of New Year's Day, at midnight, is heralded by fireworks, parties, and special events. For many, it is a day of recovery from the New Year's Eve celebrations the previous night. Many people make New Year's resolutions. These are usually promising themselves that they will improve something in their own lives. Common New Year's resolutions include losing weight, exercise more, or live a healthier lifestyle.


January 1 – International Pizza Day

Whether it is a thin crust, deep dish, or anything in between, pizza is a Unixplorian favorite. On this day, every Unixplorian eats at least one pizza. We eat it together with friends and family, reminiscing about the year gone by. A special cabbage salad always accompanies a Unixplorian pizza.


January 3 – J.R.R. Tolkien Day

We spend the day reading the works of Tolkien and watching the movies. Inspired by the illustrious Tolkien Society, we celebrate the Professor's birthday with a simple toast-drinking ceremony. At 9 PM, we all raise a glass and toast the birthday of this much-loved author. The toast is "The Professor!"


January 5 – Sausage Day

On this day, we prepare some sausage to enjoy with family and friends. We usually eat a Unixplorian Special, a grilled hot dog in a bun, covered with mashed potatoes, mustard, ketchup, and shrimp salad.


January 6 – Epiphany

Eating donuts on this day is traditional. Each donut has a hidden number on it; the number corresponds with the number on a figure of Jesus placed on the table. Whoever has the

number which corresponds with that of Jesus is the "Godparent" of Jesus for that year. The duties during the year include serving as the family's spiritual guardian.


January 10 – Tintin Day

We celebrate Tintin, or rather his inventor Hergé, by reading a comic while drinking a shot(*) of Captain Haddock's favorite whiskey, Loch Lomond. Children consume a glass of juice while eating honey sandwiches, the same type of sandwiches Tintin ate on a hike in the rugged terrain outside the Moon rocket base.

(*) In the old west, a 45 cartridge for a six-gun cost 12 cents, so did a glass of whiskey. If a cowhand were low on cash, he would often give the bartender a cartridge in exchange for a drink. This became known as a 'shot' of whiskey.


January 27 – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

We light a single white candle on this day to remember all those who were brutally murdered during the Second World War. Many Unixplorians also eat a traditional Jewish bagel under silence to honor the victims of the Holocaust. 



February 5 – Carl Spitzweg Day

Carl Spitzweg (February 5, 1808–September 23, 1885) was a German romanticist painter, mainly of genre subjects. Spitzweg is also one of the King's favorite painters. This day is not observed nationally, but the Creativum offers families and individuals from across the kingdom to visit the museum's Spitzweg collection free of entrance.  


February 13  – Unixplorian Disc Pool Championships (*)

Disc Pool is somewhat of a Unixplorian national game. Don't tell Unixplorians that it is just a game, though. We firmly believe it is a sport, a competitive sport that the rest of the world should take more seriously.


February 14  – St. Valentine's Day

Originating as a Christian feast day honoring early saints named Valentinus, Valentine's Day is recognized as a significant cultural and religious celebration of romance and romantic love. Candlelit dinners, chocolate, flowers, and champagne are essential ingredients on this day.

February 16 – Unixplorian Semla Day  (*)

A Semla is a traditional sweet roll originating from Scandinavia. Today, the Unixplorian Semla comprises a cardamom-spiced wheat bun, which has its top cut off. The pastry is filled with a mix of milk, sugar, and almond paste, topped with whipped cream. The cut-off top serves as a lid and is dusted with powdered sugar. Today it is often eaten on its own, with coffee or tea. Per Unixplorian tradition, the Semla may not be consumed before Shrove Tuesday, which occurs 47 days before Easter.


February 18 – Wine Day

Since every day can be Wine Day, we found some ways to celebrate the occasion beyond the happy hour's call. The traditional Unixplorian way to celebrate Wine Day is to get together and eat a cheese plate and some grapes along with a nice bottle of wine. We toast by saying, "Here's to Wine; it's Time to Dine!"


February 20 – International Pipe Smoking Day

On this day, we celebrate the noble art of pipe-smoking and the spirit that pervades the briar's brotherhood and sisterhood. We put into practice the time-honored and ancestral traditions of raising our pipes in unison to toast each other and share a bowl. The Royal Tobacconists of Unixploria support this day by giving away free samples of tobacco blends. They also host a slow smoking competition in their shop in Stronghaven. Apart from the honor, the winner also receives a 50 % discount on any new pipe purchased in the shop.


February 21 – The Queen's Birthday

Unixplorians celebrate their beautiful Queen by hoisting the national flag and sending birthday wishes. The Queen celebrates this day among friends and family at Regent House. The Queen invites renowned guests to join the celebrations at the royal residence.


February 27 – International Cigar Day

Oscar Hammerstein invented the cigar rolling machine on this very day in the late 1880s. In honor of his accomplishments, we celebrate this day by lighting a few cigars. The Royal Tobacconists in Stronghaven have a particular cigar ash contest on this day. The participant who can create the most artistic pile of cigar ashes wins a designer ashtray.



March 1 – Hug A Librarian Day

Knowledge is power, and librarians are perhaps now, more than ever, the protectors of knowledge and imagination. If you have a librarian in your family or a librarian friend, let them know how much you appreciate them and their profession today.


March 12 – St. Gregory Day

We honor Saint Gregory on this day by driving out all that is bad and, at the same time, welcoming the light that will follow by Spring's arrival. It is customary to run across a grass lawn barefoot, shouting out the words "Cleanse Me! Cleanse Me!" Afterward, we enjoy drinking a glass of lemonade.


March 14 – International P.I. Day

March 14 is Pi Day. It is a day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π) and eat lots of pie. Academia Unixploria holds a contest on this day, a pi recitation contest. Anyone who can recite the most digits of the constant win a Unixplorian Pi(e) to be enjoyed at home.


March 20 – Unixplorian Collector's Day  (*)

The Unixplorian Collector's Day is first and foremost about honoring and acknowledging the contributions made by the many collectors of our great nation. Collecting is not only considered a pastime here in Unixploria but is also a way of life and a way for us to bring the world to us in an ordered, orderly manner.  Collectioseum welcomes collectors across the kingdom to exhibit their collections on this day. Visitors to the museum can then vote for the best display, and the winner receives an honorary prize called Collector of the Year.


March 31 – Unixplorian Snus Day

Snus is a top-rated tobacco product in Unixploria. It is a stimulant with a rich cultural history spanning hundreds of years. On this particular day, we do not only honor its history, but we also praise the flavors of this tobacco product. The Royal Tobacconists unveil the snus blend of the year and sell snus at a reduced price.



April 2 – Good Friday  (*)

Good Friday is a holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. Families and individuals usually spend the day in silence, contemplating Christ's sufferings on the cross. We read about Jesus' hardships in the Holy Bible. Devoted Christians also show repentance by restraining themselves from doing things they usually enjoy doing. 


April 3 – Holy Saturday  (*)

Holy Saturday commemorates the day that Jesus Christ's body lay in the tomb and the Harrowing of Hell. For most Unixplorians, this is a day of joy, where we spend time with our families. Families gather to share a meal.


The food served usually consists of a smorgasbord of pickled herring, meats, eggs, shrimp cocktail, and a special sandwich cake only served on Holy Saturday. Unixplorians also honor their Finnish cultural heritage by eating Mämmi, a typical Easter dessert made of rye flour and malted rye.


April 4 – Resurrection Sunday  (*)

A joyous day! He has risen! Unixplorians celebrate Christ's Resurrection by spending time in God's creation. Families usually take walks in nature and spend time together with their loved ones. The day ends in thankful prayers.


April 5 – Easter Monday  (*)

This Christian holiday is in honor of the apostles who met Jesus Christ after the Resurrection. It is a joyous day that offers new hope to those who have none. Before we became a Christian nation in the early Middle Ages, a few of our ancestors still clung to the old Norse faith (Ásatrú). They celebrated Spring blót on the same day, giving offerings to the pagan gods.


April 5 – First Contact Day

Fans of the sci-fi series Star Trek celebrate First Contact Day on April 5 to mark the day in 2063 when humans make their first contact with the Vulcans. Celebrations can include having a Star Trek-themed party for all your family and friends, having your guests come dressed as their favorite characters, attending a Star Trek fan, or holding a Star Trek viewing marathon. It is also customary to greet everyone you meet on this day with the Vulcan salute. To do this, raise your hands with your palm facing outwards and your thumb away from your hand. Part your middle and ring finger such that the index and middle finger are together, and your ring and little finger are close to each other.


April 10 – National Bible Day (*)

We devote this day to reading and studying the Bible. Every citizen of our kingdom is encouraged to memorize the books' order in the Bible and have a good knowledge of their contents and context. The Church of Unixploria has a lot of Bible-related lectures throughout the day.

April 17 – Unixplorian History Day (*)

The Kingdom of Unixploria has a long and rich history. Since we are close to being a tribal nation, we take pride in our past, honoring heroes in our historical chronicles and reminiscing about times gone by. History unites us, and we are the result of the struggles, hopes, and aspirations of past generations. This day is devoted to the study of our national history at our schools and in our homes. We also honor citizens who have passed away during the year by a silent minute.


April 23 – World Book Day

The printed book is superior to all other forms of written artifacts. Honoring the books and authors who have created these infinite worlds of fiction and expanding our minds through new facts, we devote this day to showing the world how magical books are.


April 30 – Walpurgis

Even though Walpurgis's name derives from the eighth-century English missionary Saint Walburga, Walpurgis has very little to do with religion and everything to do with spring arrival. We celebrate blossoming Spring by singing and lighting bonfires.



May 4 – Star Wars Day

May 4 Be with You! Today we celebrate the epic Science Fiction franchise Star Wars. Most families in Unixploria commemorate the day by watching at least one movie from the franchise. It's also customary to wear a Star Wars-inspired shirt on this day.

May 13 – Ascension Day  (*)

The Ascension of Jesus Christ is the departure of Christ from Earth into the presence of God. The narrative in Acts 1 takes place 40 days after the Resurrection. Jesus, in the company of the disciples, is taken up in their sight after warning them to remain in Jerusalem until the coming of the Holy Spirit; as he ascends, a cloud hides him from their view, and two men in white appear to tell them that he will return.


The day is an occasion for all Unixplorians to remember that we are not of this world; we have a higher, divine purpose. It is customary for all citizens of Unixploria to wear a white shirt or blouse in remembrance.


May 15 – International Day of Families

This is a day for families to gather and spend time together. Families do 'real stuff' together on this day without constant interference from digital gadgets.


May 20 – The Unixplorian Flag Day

We celebrate the best country in the world by paying respect to our nation's flag. Every Unixplorian household is flying a Unixplorian flag, visible for all to view and admire. At 18:00 hours, UST life in Unixploria is at a standstill when every citizen stands to look at the flag, thinking about how beautiful life is in the Kingdom of Unixploria. After a moment of silence, the Kingdom citizens proclaim their love for the flag of Unixploria using the phrase "Long Live Our Glorious Kingdom! Long Live the Kingdom of Unixploria!"

May 23 – Whitsunday  (*)

Pentecost Whitsunday is mainly a Church celebration, although it has also become a popular holiday for weddings in Unixploria. The Church of Unixploria considers this day to be the Christian Church's birthday when Christ's disciples started forming the Church's basis. It is also a reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Church of Unixploria sprinkles flower petals from their churches' ceilings to recall the miracle of fiery tongues.


May 23 – Linnaeus Day 

The birthdate of Carl Linnaeus, the Father of Taxonomy, is an occasion for all Unixplorians to celebrate by spending time out in nature, remembering and honoring the scientific contributions made by this honorary citizen of Unixploria. The preferred drink is anything containing Wild Strawberries, Linnaeus' favorite berry.   


May 25 – Geek Pride Day 

Whether you're a closet geek or geeky and proud, you have an entire day to celebrate with your fellow geeky buddies. The term "geek chic" is now used widely in society, which just goes to show that it's cool to be a geek these days! Geek Pride Day gives you a chance to be completely unapologetic about who you are. Dress in any style you like; dress up as your favorite science fiction character or spend the entire day geeking out and learning math if you'd prefer! There are no limits to Geek Pride Day, so let your inner geek run free.


May 28 – Burger Day

Hamburgers are a must-have on any Unixplorian barbecue. What better day to celebrate Burger Day than grilling a few on this early Summer's day?


May 30 – Mother's Day  (*)

Every mother in Unixploria deserves a special treat, and on this day, it is all about keeping our mothers happy. A common way to celebrate is for the rest of the family to set their alarm clocks to make breakfast and serve it in bed. Every mother also receives a special gift, and the stores in Unixploria are filled with things to make a mother's heart melt.



June 1 – World Milk Day

To acknowledge the vast cultural impact milk has had on our culture, we celebrate this day by drinking milk in all fashions and enjoying all other dairy products.


June 6 – Swedish Cultural Heritage Day

Most Unixplorians of Swedish origin celebrate this day as an essential reminder of their roots. Eating Swedish culinary treats, partaking in festivities, and playing a few extra tunes of Swedish origin is standard today.


June 14 – International Steampunk Day

The Mad Scientists of Unixploria is a society for the advancement of steampunk culture in general. The community caters to many events throughout Unixploria on this day. Everything from steampunk conventions to the annual Steampunk Parade held on this date in Stronghaven.  


The maker movement is omnipresent in the steampunk subculture. There is a lot of inspiration to gather from communities that create computers in the steampunk style, instruments, weapons, and so on. Reinventing the Victorian era by using DIY is what it is all about.


June 22 – The King's Birthday

King Leif I celebrates his birthday among friends and family at the Regent House. A few lucky citizens are invited to take part in the celebrations by invitation from His Majesty. The King decorates distinguished citizens on this day by handing out medals acknowledging their deeds.  


June 24 – Nativity of St John the Baptist  (*)

The birth of John the Baptist is a "celebration within a celebration." The Nativity of St. John is celebrated on Midsummer's Eve, and it is customary to combine the two by also lighting small bonfires known as Saint John's fires. The fire is a symbolic reminder of the purging and renewing force behind the baptism.    

June 26 – Midsummer's Eve  (*)

Midsummer traditions are rooted in pagan, sun-worshipping cultures — the time of year around the summer solstice when a magical twilight replaces night's darkness.


It is still the pagan symbols that have stood the test of time. Women and young children put wildflowers in their hair, and communities across the country always decorate phallic midsummer poles for people to dance around.


The other part of the traditional Midsummer celebration involves eating and drinking copious amounts, ideally outside. The classic Unixplorian midsummer lunch is eaten around a table stacked with boiled potatoes, different types of pickled herring, topping it off with a strawberry cake for dessert. Some barbecuing is also mandatory later during the evening.


What starts as a civilized feast can often end up getting rowdy, thanks to the massive amounts of snaps consumed throughout the meal – not to mention the accompanying songs, which inevitably end with everyone gulping the strong stuff.


June 27 – Midsummer's Day  (*)

This is a day to contemplate and give thanks to the abundance in nature apparent during Summer. It is also a symbolic manifestation of the born-again man, a rich man in spirit as nature's green colors are during Summer.



July 4 – American Cultural Heritage Day

On this day, we honor our ties to the New World by celebrating our ancestors, who choose to colonize the American continent. The celebrations on this day are about paying tributes to all those who sailed across the Atlantic. Unixplorian families with American relatives send small gifts to remind their relatives of their Unixplorian roots.  


July 6 – International Kissing Day

Wake up in the morning and kiss your partner good morning, then greet your friends with a quick kiss on the cheek to show them how much you appreciate them. If you're a bit more reserved, place a chaste kiss on the back of the hand of friends you hold in high regard. So, on International Kissing Day, pucker up every chance you get! 


July 7 – World Chocolate Day

Enjoy a piece of the finest chocolate you can find on this day. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth and make it a day of secret treats and indulgences involving all things cocoa. It is traditionally a day when dessert is served after every meal of the day. The main ingredient being chocolate, of course.   


July 10 – Pith Helmet Day

Explore the world around you wearing the most iconic gear you can find, the pith helmet! There are many geocaching events throughout the kingdom to attend on this day. Collectioseum holds several lectures on the history and heroes of exploring. 


July 17 – Unixplorian Art Day (*)

The Creativum in Stronghaven is the National Art Museum in Unixploria. On Unixplorian Art Day, the museum offers a lot of activities for young and old patrons. The museum presents the rules for the annual Mixed-Media Painting Contest on this day. 

July 20 – International Chess Day

Chess is the only game to play on this day! Introductory classes for beginners are held throughout the kingdom, and chess sets are gifted to all new Unixplorian Chess Society members. 


July 29 – Lasagna Day

Celebrating Lasagna Day is as comfortable as it is delicious; eat lasagna! There are hundreds of lasagna varieties available, and you should not settle for anything less than home-made. Most Unixplorians come from families with long traditions of home-made lasagna, and it may just be time to improve the old family recipe and add yet another layer of culinary delight.



August 3 – Watermelon Day

What better way to celebrate Watermelon Day than eating a slice or two of this delicious fruit! It can be enjoyed as it is or used to complement a salad or a drink. No matter how you consume it, it would be best to try as many ways to enjoy it as there are hours in the day.   


August 7 – International Beer Day

The bars in Unixploria tap a few new domestic beers on this day. Participants are encouraged to buy each other drinks and express gratitude to brewers, bartenders, and other beer technicians. In the holiday's international spirit, we recommend participants step out of their Unixplorian comfort zone and sample a beer from another culture.

August 7 – Crayfish Premiere (*)

In the past, you weren't allowed to catch crayfish before a specific date. That is no longer the case, but tradition still reigns as far as celebrations go.

Customary party accessories are novelty paper hats, paper lanterns (often depicting the Man in the Moon), and bibs. Snaps are served, as well as beer, and traditional drinking songs may be sung. The cooked crayfish is served cold and eaten with the fingers. Bread, cheese pies, salads, and other dishes are served as a buffet.


August 8 – Independence Day

We gained independence on this very day in 2006 A.D. To commemorate this day, we wave the Unixplorian flag all across the kingdom and pay tribute to those founding men- and women that are no longer with us. However, this day is first and foremost about having fun, experiencing the spirit of discovery and creativeness that indeed resembles 'the State of Unixploria.' Common ways of celebrations include eating a traditional Unixplorian sandwich cake with the closest family. The gatherings usually start with all that are present, say a few positive words to describe Unixploria. Before we gather to eat, we typically sing our national anthem while passing our precious flag from one family member to the next. 


August 23 – Meatball Day

Meatballs are known and loved by every Unixplorian, so what better way to indulge your tastebuds than eating loads of them buffet-style? Plenty of new variants find their way from the frying pan to hungry bellies on this day. The chefs at Unigastro reveal their recipe of the year on this day. 

August 24 – Knife Day

This day is a celebration of this versatile tool that has been with humans since the dawn of time. To make the most of Knife Day, why not test your chopping skills in the kitchen? Invite family and friends over to compare and swap knives, or get together to clean and sharpen your knives. 


August 28 – Bow Tie Day

We pay tribute to those who honor the bow tie's timeless and elegant style on this special day of stylish celebration. Why not host a bow tie party? Decorate with bow ties, require all your guests to come wearing one, and give out bow ties as prizes for party games.


August 30 – International Missy Barrett Day

In 2018, Sevier's American county proclaimed August 30 to be International Missy Barrett Day, where everyone is encouraged to dare to care and do a good deed because kindness counts. Micronations have also begun recognizing this day. The Kingdom of Unixploria is proud to be added to the list. We try to do more good deeds than usual on August 30thand share our kindness on social media using the tag #DoAGoodDeed. 


September 5 – International Bacon Day

International Bacon day celebrations typically include social gatherings during which participants create and consume dishes containing bacon, including bacon-themed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and drinks.


September 11 – Mixed-Media Painting Contest (*)

A mixed-media competition is held each year all across the nation. Each local winner will participate in a national competition, where he or she will receive a grant consisting of a scholarship from Creativum, our national art museum.


September 18 – Prince Johan's Birthday

Unixplorians celebrate their prince by hoisting the national flag and sending birthday wishes. The prince celebrates this day among friends and family at Regent House. The prince invites renowned guests to join the celebrations at the royal residence.


September 26 – Prince Arvid's Birthday

Unixplorians celebrate their prince by hoisting the national flag and sending birthday wishes. The prince celebrates this day among friends and family at Regent House. The prince invites renowned guests to join the celebrations at the royal residence.


September 30 –St. Jerome's Day

Hieronymus (347 – September 30 420), also known as Jerome of Stridon, was a Latin priest, confessor, theologian, and historian; he is commonly known as Saint Jerome.


Jerome was born at Stridon, a village near Emona on the border of Dalmatia and Pannonia. He is best known for translating most of the Bible into Latin (the translation that became known as the Vulgate) and his Gospels' commentaries. His list of writings is extensive. Jerome was a great bibliophile, interested in collecting both pagan and Christian books. He is also the patron saint of librarians. We celebrate him by reading a few passages of the Bible aloud.



October 4 – Cinnamon Bun  Day

Cinnamon Bun Day has a Swedish background and is celebrated only in Unixploria, Sweden, and by Swedes abroad. At that time, Kaeth Gardestedt worked as a project manager at the Homebaking Council, which instituted the day. The day honors and pays attention to the rich tradition of homebaked buns. Gather your family and invite them for a traditional" Fika" on this joyous day!


October 5 – Global James Bond Day

Today is official Global James Bond Day, an annual celebration of the 007 franchise on October 5. This date marks the release of the first James Bond film Dr. No, in 1962. We celebrate this day by drinking a Dry Martini, mixed, not stirred.


October 9 – Unixplorian Quiz Championships (*)

Each year, at Regent House, the most educated and informed meet up to play Trivial Pursuit to determine which one is the Unixplorian Quiz Champion. The name of the winner will forever be inscribed in the annals of knowledge.  


October 16 – International Dictionary Day

International Dictionary Day is held in honor of Noah Webster, the man considered to have fathered the American Dictionary. 1758 was a good year for the English language and the first English Lexicographer, or one whose craft is writing, editing and compiling English Dictionaries.

Celebrating Dictionary Day is best done by expanding your vocabulary. If you haven't a modern dictionary in your house, you may consider getting one. Academia Unixploria hosts a bilingual spelling bee on this day to honor our diverse linguistic roots.


October 16 – World Food Day

World Food Day is an international day celebrated every year worldwide on October 16 to fund the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945. In Unixploria, we celebrate this day by trying out new recipes from a country we select on October 1. 


October 23 – Oktoberfest (*)

The Unixplorian equivalent to the world-famous Bavarian beer festival. We sample new Unixplorian brews on this day. Many adults also participate in the national beer tasting contest, including six new beer labels sold by Stronghaven Breweries. 


October 27 – International School Library Day

Biblioteca Unixploria invites people to celebrate International School Library Day by engaging in projects and activities to express why they love their school library. There are lots of activities for those who wish to contribute. Each year has a new theme, which is announced on October 1.



November 6 – All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day is a day of dignity and reflection. The custom of lighting candles on family graves is widely practiced, and some beautiful scenes meet anyone passing a cemetery in Unixploria this weekend. Most Christians worldwide observe this day, which also honors all saints of the Church of Unixploria that have attained heaven.

November 13 – Unixplorian Writing  Day (*)

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is an annual Internet-based creative writing project during November. Participants attempt to write a 50,000-word manuscript between November 1 and November 30. Unixplorian writers who participate will receive a diploma, and their contribution will be published in the BUFIC (Best Unixplorian Fiction), an annual anthology.  


November 14 – World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes mellitus. This day is not so much a day of celebration but a day of raising awareness of a disease that almost 500 million people suffer worldwide. 


November 17 – World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day honors philosophical reflections around the world. It is a day for people to share thoughts, openly explore and discuss new ideas, and inspire public debate or discussion on society's challenges. On this day, Academia Unixploria offers philosophical dialogues, debates, lectures, and meetings involving renowned philosophers, exhibitions, and philosophy book fairs, as well as philosophy cafes. 

November 17 – The Grayest Day of the Year

Honoring our Nordic heritage, we invented a new holiday to be celebrated.

We present to you, in cooperation with the Hartwall Breweries, The Grayest Day of the Year!

From now on, we will celebrate the Grayest Day of the Year on November 17 by raising a glass or two of the grayest - and most delicious drink of all - the Hartwall Original Longdrink.

November 20 – Unixplorian Ludo Championships (*)

Ludo is a strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die. Ludo has a special place in every Unixplorian's heart, and we take our penchant seriously. Unlike many other Unixplorian championships, snacks and beverages are allowed, even encouraged, during gameplay.    


November 27 – Unixplorian Chess Championships (*)

Who will receive praise and glory by becoming the Unixplorian Chess Master? On this day, we will get the answer and crown a champion. The Unixplorian Chess Society organizes the championships, and the finals are held in Stronghaven. 



December 6 – Finnish Cultural Heritage Day

We celebrate our Finnish heritage by lighting two candles by the window; one white and one blue candle commemorating all ancestors who fought for our macronational neighbor's independence through numerous wars.


December 13 – St. Lucy's Day

The observance commemorates Lucia of Syracuse, an early-4th-century virgin martyr under the, who, according to legend, brought food and aid to Christians hiding in the Roman catacombs, wearing a candlelit wreath on her head to light her way.


Songs are sung. Girls dressed as Saint Lucy carry cookies and saffron buns in procession, which symbolizes bringing the Light of Christ into what was traditionally considered the darkest day of the year in Scandinavia.


December 24 – Christmas Eve 

Christmas Trees are decorated. Homes are also decorated with wall hangings depicting winter scenes, tablecloths in Christmas patterns, candlesticks, Christmas figures, and angels. The house is filled with the potent scent of hyacinths.


Christmas presents are under the lighted tree, candles shine brightly, and the smorgasbord has been prepared with all the classic dishes: Christmas ham, pork sausage, eggs and anchovy mixture (gubbröra), herring salad, pickled herring, home-made liver pâté, wort-flavored rye bread (vörtbröd), potatoes and a special fish dish, lutfisk. 


Once all have eaten their fill, Santa Claus himself arrives to wish the gathering a Merry Christmas and distribute the presents. Glögg (a type of mulled wine), sweets, nuts, figs, and gingersnaps (usually with a spread of blue cheese) are served throughout the evening. 


A rice pudding ends the culinary festivities. The pudding has a hidden almond in it. It's a sort of competition where you try to be the one who finds the almond and then keeps it secret to make everyone else eat the rest of the rice pudding. The one who gets the almond receives a small gift.


December 25 – Christmas Day

Christmas Day is usually a day of contemplation after the festivities of Christmas Eve. Many Unixplorian attend Christmas mass at Church and spend the day with their families. Leftovers from yesterday's celebrations are eaten. Families often take long walks or enjoy a few rounds of tabletop games. 


December 26 – St. Stephen's Day

The Feast of Saint Stephen is a Christian saint's day to commemorate Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Families and friends gather to eat pork ribs this day.

December 31 – New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is usually celebrated with families or friends. A few hours before and after midnight, people usually party and eat a special dinner, often three courses. New Year's Eve is celebrated with fireworks displays throughout the country. While watching or lighting fireworks at midnight, people usually drink champagne. A cheese plate is often served afterward.  


December 31 – Unixplorian Table Hockey Championships

This tournament is held each year in Stronghaven.

The only requirement to participate is that you are a Unixplorian citizen and have paid full membership to the Unixplorian Table Hockey Association.