Micronations and Macro nations



We have been an independent nation since August 8, 2006 A.D. We have been present online since October 15, 2015 A.D.



Sweden was initially part of a three-state union known as the Kalmar Union. The union was founded in 1397 and comprised three countries: Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, all under one monarch.

Micronation and Macro-nation

In the Kingdom of Unixploria, we strive to make a positive impact and create a better world. Our citizens hold dual citizenship and have strong connections to their countries of origin. Our micronation was inspired by other nations and their achievements, and we take pride in being part of the global community.

While our traditions and values are rooted in Judeo-Christian and Western cultures, we embrace diversity and recognize the happiness that fictional countries can bring to their citizens. This is not unlike the sense of awe that citizens of macro nations feel toward their cultural heritage.

We acknowledge our past and present accomplishments without ignorance or prejudice and firmly believe that we are all united as inhabitants of one home - Earth, also known as Tellus.



The flags and Coat of Arms down below represent our background and our history. Together with our Unixplorian flags, they also represent our future.