A Complete Table of Contents of UNIXPLORIA.NET


8.1 Collectioseum

8.1.1 About

8.1.2 What is a Curiosity Cabinet?

8.1.3 Privacy Policy

8.1.4 Contact

8.2 Collection Highlights

8.3 365 Collections

8.4 Creativum

8.4.1 Paintings and Sculptures

8.5 Unixplorian Museum of Motion Pictures

8.5.1 About Privacy Policy

8.5.2 Collections Autographs Movies Action Adventure Animation Comedy Documentary Drama Family Fantasy Horror Mystery Romance Science Fiction Thriller War Western Soundtracks

8.5.3 Encyclopedia Cinemania Actors - Female Actors - Male Directors

8.5.4 Regent Theater

8.5.5 Deceased Actors

8.5.6 Gallery

8.5.7 Contact

8.6 The Royal Philatelic Collection

8.6.1 About Privacy Policy

8.6.2 Contact

8.6.3 Countries

8.6.4 Philatelic Terms


10.1 Astrobiology

10.1.1 The Birth and Evolution of the Universe

10.1.2 The Birth, Evolution, and Extinction of Life

10.1.3 Notes on Delsemme's Our Cosmic Origins, Chapter 9

10.2 Botany

10.3 Cryptozoology

10.4 Education

10.4.1 Paradigm Shifts in Swedish Education

10.4.2 Pupils with Difficulties

10.4.3 To Spark an Interest in Science. An Educational Consideration

10.5 History

10.5.1 Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie as a Writer of History

10.5.2 Nationalism and State Building in the 19th Century

10.5.3 Renaissance Man. A Historical Illusion?

10.5.4 Laughter and the People. An analysis of Michail Bachtin's Ideas

10.5.5 Objectivity in History. A Realistic Endeavor?

10.5.6 The Annales School in Historical Research

10.5.7 Norbert Elias' View on Medieval Man and Society

10.5.8 The Daily Lives of the Common People During the Renaissance

10.6 Languages

10.6.1 Odin and the Runes. An Investigation of the Magical Meaning of the Runes in Norse Mythology. 

10.6.2 What is Dialect? Examples from the South-Smolandian Dialect. 

10.6.3 A Stylistic Analysis of a Newspaper Article.

10.7 Library Science

10.7.1 Information Literacy. Theoretical and Practical Definitions

10.7.2 Activities in the School Library – A Study of how School Librarians Prioritize School Library Activities according to Social Identity

10.8 Literature

10.8.1 The Romantic Age and the Baroque Period: An Analytical Review of the Literature

10.8.2 Literary Themes among Swedish Romanticists

10.8.3 Medieval Literary Genres. A Comparative Overview

10.8.4 Crime and Punishment. An Analysis

10.8.5 Jean Racine's Phèdre

10.8.6 Hölderlin and Shelley. The poetry of the Romantic Era

10.8.7 Women in Literature

10.8.8 An Analysis of Victoria Benedictsson's Money

10.9 Micropatrology

10.9.1 Map - Micronations of the World

10.10 Museology

10.10.1 Yngve Löwegren's Curiosity Cabinets of Natural History in Sweden during the 18th Century. A Contribution to the History of Zoology

10.10.2 Carl Linnaeus as a Natural History Collector. Ethical Views on Natural History Collecting in the 1700s

10.10.3 Carl Linnaeus and Natural History Collecting. A Study of the Use, Political Background, and Social Context During the Age of Liberty

10.10.4 Analyzing Susan M. Pearce's book Museums, Objects, and Collections

10.10.5 Analyzing Werner Muensterberger's book Collecting - An Unruly Passion

10.10.6 Analyzing Oliver Impey's and Arthur MacGregor's book The Origins of Museums

10.11 Religion

10.12 Stronghaven Observatory

10.13 Curious Expeditions


17.1 Facebook

17.2 Instagram

17.3 Pinterest

17.4 Twitter

17.5 YouTube


18.1 Food and Beverages

18.1.1 Beverages

18.1.2 Desserts

18.1.3 Food

18.2 Nature and Landscapes

18.2.1 Flowers

18.2.2 Forests

18.2.3 Streams, Lakes, and Oceans

18.2.4 Urban

18.3 Regent House

18.3.1 Exterior

18.3.2 Garden

18.3.3 Interior