Sports and Games


Exercise is to the body what thought is for the mind. Our bodies need both intellectual and physical activity to thrive.

Most Unixplorians have a penchant for sports that challenges both mind and body. That is why games like archery are so popular among our people. Running is another activity we gladly devote ourselves to. Cardiovascular training is essential for everyone and also promotes concentration and discipline.



Chess is undoubtedly the sport of kings. The game is an exercise for the mind. It teaches both humility and tactical skills. The Unixplorian Chess Society honors this ancient game each year by organizing a national tournament. The winner's name is forever inscribed in the annals of Unixplorian chess.

Archery & Shooting

Archery and target practice are common pastimes among our citizens. Each year we celebrate our sharp-shooters by holding a national convention where citizens of all ages can exchange information about their hobbies and browse through new items to add to their collections.

Hiking & Outdoors

Unixplorians love to spend time out in the woods. Hiking, camping, enjoying wildlife, sleeping in a tent, or fishing is all enjoyed by our citizens. Nature is a sacred part of Unixploria, and getting some exercise while enjoying the great outdoors is an essential part of the Unixplorian lifestyle.