We follow the liturgical year, but we also celebrate secular holidays such as our Independence Day, Midsummer, and other important events. 


Celebrations are important partly because they give us common cultural values, partially because they constitute a welcome break in the trot of everyday life.


Christmas is probably the most celebrated holiday in Unixploria. Celebrations start on Christmas eve and continue well into the new year. Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, decorations, church services, and plenty of food and drink with our closest family are essential for all Unixplorians during Christmas.


August 8 is a day when Unixplorian patriotism and festivity are at their peak! We celebrate this day to show the rest of the world that we live in the best country in the world. We also take a moment to reflect on things we could do better on an individual basis.


The celebration of Midsummer is a tradition that dates back to our historical roots. We have refined the old tradition somewhat, but the original concept of marking the Summer solstice, as well as the nativity of St. John the Baptist, is still at the center of the celebration. Funny dances around a pole covered with flowers, eating pickled herring, and consuming alcoholic beverages are all part of the fun.