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October 21, 1996

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie as a Writer of History.

Original Title: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie som historieskrivare.

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 11 pages, 2765 words.

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February 21, 1996

Laughter and the People. An analysis of Michail Bachtin's Ideas.

Original Title: Skrattet och folket. En genomlysning av Michail Bachtins tankar.

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 13 pages, 3807 words.

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March 1, 1996

Norbert Elias' View on Medieval Man and Society.

Original Title: Norbert Elias syn på medeltidens samhälle och människa. 

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 4 pages, 832 words.

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December 10, 1995

Nationalism and State Building in the 19th Century. 

Original Title: 1800-talets nationalistiska statsbyggande.

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 12 pages, 3592 words.

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May 2, 1996

Objectivity in History. A Realistic Endeavor?

Original Title: Objektiviteten

 i historievetenskapen. En realistisk strävan?

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 8 pages, 2526 words.

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March 18, 1996

The Daily Lives of the Common People During the Renaissance.

Original Title: Vanliga människors liv under renässansen.

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 10 pages, 2367 words.

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May 120, 1995

Renaissance Man. A Historical Illusion?

Original Title: Renässansmänniskan. En historisk illusion?

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 17 pages, 6278 words.

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May 2, 1996

The Annales School in Historical Research.

Original Title: Annalestraditionen i historisk forskning.

Language: Swedish.

Statistics: 7 pages, 1942 words.

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