The Kingdom of Unixploria is located within the borders of Sweden. More precisely, Unixploria is situated in the southern parts of the Swedish county of Småland, bordering the southern-most province of Skåne.


The geography of Unixploria is dominated by a high forested plain where the soil is mixed with sand and small boulders, making it barren except in specific locations. Unixploria has no coasts.


These special conditions have made Unixplorians tough and determined. Despite less than favorable conditions, we have managed to become self-sustained to a higher degree than most macro nations.


Lakes and bogs are common in our kingdom. Among the fish species found in Unixplorian lakes are Perch, Northern Pike, Zander, Eel, Burbot, Common Bream, Roach, White Bream, Blue Bream, Common Rudd, Ruffe, Common Bleak, Vendace and Wels Catfish.



Unixploria has a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. Snow used to be common during the Winter months, but nowadays climate change has given us less predictable weather conditions. Some years it snows, and others not so much.

Temperatures have risen in recent years and using the -3 Celsius isotherm. It can also be classified as an oceanic climate (Cfb). Unixploria is milder, wetter, and cloudier than the surrounding areas. Considering its relative distance to all three coasts surrounding in neighboring Sweden, the climate is markedly marine, with winter temperatures being relatively low for an inland location.

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