Stronghaven Observatory

Stronghaven Observatory

Stronghaven Observatory is Unixploria's oldest public observatory. By public we mean that the observatory is available to use for all citizens in Unixploria.


Visit us to get a glimpse of modern astronomy or just to ask a question about the universe and all that is in it. Our staff is knowledgeable and competent and ready to give you a guided tour through the observatory as well as space, whether it is day or night, and regardless of weather conditions.


However, it is important to remember that we do not carry out observations during the day, and that cloudy weather makes impossible to see anything through the telescopes. When the weather does not permit observations, we have exhibitions with various astronomical themes to satisfy our visitors curiosity.


Mall of Science - Stronghaven - Unixploria




We are about to have a close encounter with the Sun!


The name of our great kingdom was aboard NASA's Parker Solar Probe during the summer of 2018.


For more information, visit NASA.

Pictures From Our Latest CSU* Meeting

* The acronym CSU stands for Citizen Scientists of Unixploria, and is a non-profit organization which promotes and takes part in different scientific endeavours in Unixploria. Read more.