The King's Corner

This section of our website is primarily a way for our country's most well-known citizen to share his more personal thoughts, ideas and interests with others. King Leif I is not just the head of our royal family, and sovereign leader to our beloved nation, he is first and foremost Unixplorian.


Being Unixplorian is all about being curious, passionate and caring, but also being honest and transparent with who you are. In the Kingdom of Unixploria you are among friends, be they royalty or commoners.


Higher Education


Jack of All Trades...

Thoughts In a Haste

Thoughts In a Haste are just what they sound like, a way for me to share views of the moment. The blog is an archive of those thoughts and ponderings.


The texts are from my various digital platforms, as well as from my analog journals and commonplace books.

About Me

  • My full name is Leif Jan Christer Oxenmyr I.
  • I was born on 22.6.1974.
  • I am a Unixplorian and a Swedish citizen and this makes me feel proud.
  • My star sign is cancer.
  • I currently work as the Sovereign Monarch of Unixploria. I also work as a School Librarian.
  • What I like about my job is that it allows me to be creative and diverse, combined with a lot of freedom to do things as I see fit.
  • What I dislike about my job is that you are on your own, for good or worse.
  • My home is in Regent House in Stronghaven, Unixploria and I have lived here for ten years.
  • I love people who share my interests and are honest.
  • My favorite activities include reading and writing and I love to do them because they inspire

me to follow my dreams.

  • My favorite color is green because it reminds me of nature.
  • I love to say "I live in the wrong era" and my most over-used saying is probably "There's no

place like home."

  • My favorite meal involves meat and gravy and my favorite snack food is pizza.
  • I consider myself to be rather health(ish) but fitness is not that important to me.
  • Changes to my lifestyle I would like to make include only doing things I really enjoy doing.
  • I enjoy organized chaos.
  • I lose things all the time.
  • I don't need to change anything about my life or lifestyle because I love things just the way

they are. Well, maybe spending more time outdoors, going on treasure hunts would be nice.

  • The person who supports me the most is my lovely wife, and in my life she has helped me

to be the best man I can.

  • The best time of the day to me is the nighttime because everything is peaceful.
  • I like sunsets the most because they are God's way of showing us that there will be a new

day tomorrow.

  • I need to have coffee every day.
  • I hope to hear an opera soon.
  • I want to see my children grow up to be responsible and happy young men.
  • I am not really frightened of anything and this makes me pretty down-to-earth.
  • My favorite movie of all time is probably The Shawshank Redemption.
  • My greatest inspiration is nature.
  • My all-time role model is Jesus Christ because he gave his life so that we could be saved.