Green Is My Favorite Color

Spring. The first rays of intense sunlight reaching your garden lawn. The flower beds are still cold, laying dormant during the long winter months. After just a few weeks with the sun's love, and your passionate touch, things begin to sprout.


Spending time in the garden is better than any therapy; nature is the best medicine, and the garden is nature in condensed form. Besides from being beneficial to your health and well-being, gardening is very much cultural work.


The different flowers and trees you plant all have rich, cultural histories telling tales of exploration and obsession. The plants were used for medicinal purposes and had served as remedies for aches and pains for thousands of years.


Flowers are, however, more than things of beauty or medicine for ailments, they are a combination of all things mentioned. Gardening is like visiting the church; you are in contact with your soul when you work the soil.

I Am A Gardener