I Am An Explorer





Being an Explorer

Being an explorer takes more than courage and determination. An explorer is the surveyor of lands not yet depitcted on a map.


We search near and far for things that are open to see for all, yet closed to the eyes of the less attentive.


My personal quest to become an explorer of the world began after reading a book entitled How To Be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith (2008).


The book is more about findning your passions than exploring per se, but still lets the reader look at the world from a new perspective. Being a collector, maker and artist myself, I almost felt that each day, each new place became a vast "unknown", a new territory to document and explore.


In any given sitauation, and in any given environment, you can explore the world around you by collectingphysical items, tridbits as well as making art that captures the place and the moment. The book teaches you how to get into exploring by simply looking at the world around you with new, curious eyes.