The Cabinet of Defence

U.A.S.C. - Unixplorian Alert State Condition

Depending on the current state of the world, we use conditions of alert states to dertermine how likely an agressive attack would be on Unixplorian soil.


We weigh both international (macro national) developments and (God forbid!) national threats to estimate the levels of threats.

1. Peace (White)

An attack is very unlikely.

Routine security measures.


2. Low Level of Hostility (Green)

An attack is possible, but unlikely.

Extra security measures for entering or leaving the Kingdom of Unixploria.


3. Moderate Level of Hostility (Yellow)

An attack is a possibility.

Additional and sustainable protective security measures. All boarders closed. Diplomatic talks with our macronational neighbors in case of foreign threats.


4. High Level of Hostility (Red)

An attack is expected imminently.

Maximum protective security measures to meet specific threats and to minimize vulnerability and risk. The Royal Home Guard is at standby.


5. War (Black)

We are under attack.

The Royal Home Guard is in combat mode. If the threat at hand is foreign, we will begin cooperating with our macro national counterparts in order to restore peace, defend our nation, and give aid to the victims of war.

Current U.A.S.C.