Royal Tobacconists

The Master Blenders at The Royal Tobacconist of Unixploria are always finding new blends to satisfy the tobacco connoisseurs of Unixploria. We specialize in premium pipe tobaccos, cigars and snus, and carry many of the international brands as well as our own quality brands of tobacco blends.


We grow a small amount of our own Unixplorian tobacco which makes the blends quite exclusive. We also make our speciality, hand crafted Snus.


All prouducts are sold at our shops all across the Kingdom. Prices are in UV (Unixplorian Vitten).



The Kingdom of Unixploria does not condone its citizens to use tobacco, but unlike many macronations, we do not condemn it either. The adult population enjoy different tobacco products for recreational use. Cigars, pipe smoking and the use of snus are not uncommon among the adult population of Unixploria.


The Royal Tobacconists of Unixploria


N.B. Because of macronational legislation we cannot ship internationally. All product are exclusively sold at the shops of the Royal Tobacconists in Unixploria.

Pipes and Pipe Smoking

Smoking a pipe is a way to unwind, a moment of relaxation and contem-plation.


Smoking a pipe is often associated with Pipe smoking also happens to be the oldest traditional form of smoking. When-ever you light up your pipe, you are part of a long chain of history.

Snus and Other Smokeless Tobacco products

We Carry These Unixplorian Brands

Snus is a smokeless tobacco product used only in a few countries across the world. The large population with roots in Sweden, have taken the product to Unixploria. It is now widely spread all across the kingdom.


The Blend Masters at the Royal Tobacconists in Stronghaven have refined and added new blends of tobacco to suit the demand for new snus flavors in our great kingdom.


Our blends and flavors are deeply rooted in our culture and taste buds, thus making it somewhat of a challenge for foreigners to fully appreciate.


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Snus Tins
Catchlids are common on portioned snus. The storage underneath the lid is for storing used snus portions.

A Guide to Making Your Own Snus


1. Purchase 1 kg of a decent Tobacco Flour. Virginias mixed with burley are usually good tobaccos to use for snus. The tobacco needs to be above avaerage in nictone strength; the Burley raises the nictoine level, and the Virginia adds a mellow, sweet taste to the blend.


If you can, plan a year ahead and cultivate your own tobacco from seeds. It's a lot of work, but it's great to be able to make a product from seed to finished snus. Besides, you'll never have to pay for that precious tobacco again!


2. Pour the Tobacco Flour into a large bowl. Boil about 6-7 dl of Water, and add 100 g of Salt. Whisk until dissolved. Let it cool slightly, then add the water solution to the tobacco. Stir it together using either a hand mixer or a stand mixer. Mix for about 10-15 minutes, less if you use a stand mixer.


3. Put the tobacco in a large, oven safe container (with lid), slightly pressing down the tobacco. Place the container in the oven and let it ferment for 24 hours. The temperature should be about 85° C.


It's important to check the temperature every once in while. The temperature should not exceed 90° C.


4. After 24 hours in the oven, take the tobacco out of the oven. The snus should now cool down to room temperature. After the snus has cooled down, mix 5-7 dl of cold water with 50 g of Sodium Carbonate. Let the Sodium Carbonate dissolve, then add it to the snus.


5. Mix the snus well for about 15-20 minutes using a stand mixer; longer time if you use a hand mixer. Once the snus starts forming small balls of tobacco in the bowl it's usually mixed well enough.


6. Add 50 gr of Glycerin and Water to your liking. It's important that the snus is moist. If you like a more firm snus, add a few table spoons of thickener, i.g. Rubber arabicum.


7. Mix it well in a stand mixer for about 15-20 minutes. If you use a hand mixer double the time. Add flavorings like Bergamotte, Eucalyptus or Tar to flavor the snus.


8. Put the snus in a fridge for 2 weeks to mature.


9. After maturing in the fridge for 2 weeks, you can once again mix the snus, adding more water and flavorings. The more you mix, the firmer the snus. The snus should weigh about 2-2.5 kg when done.


10. Enjoy!







If you wish to experiment, then just add Sodium Carbonate, Glycerin and Water, and put the snus in the fridge for 2 weeks without adding flavorings. After 2 weeks you can add whatever flavorings you like to a smaller amount of snus, thus giving you more variety.



Journal for Making Snus

The Prismaster lets you pack your snus without getting your fingers dirty.