Food and Beverages

The Unixplorian food culture draws inspiration from the past and present. In many ways, we live at the crossroads of culinary traditions.


Our Scandinavian heritage sets the standard for most of our taste palette, where fresh products from the forest's pantry and seafood are essential ingredients. We contribute to the great European cuisine, but we are always original and differ from the Continental by our great culinary roots. Our historical and cultural heritage picked up flavors from the far corners of the world. The new ingredients are then lovingly blended and aligned to match our Unixplorian components. Enjoy our delicious food and drinks, we do!


In many ways, we live at the crossroad of culinary traditions.


A Guide to Making the Royal Unixplorian Schnapps


8 easy steps for making your own Unixplorian schnapps:


1. Buy a decent vodka. I usually use a brand of "brännvin", a Scandinavian liquor distilled from potatoes. The ABV is the same as in most vodkas, 37.5 %.


2. Pour the vodka into an airtight glas container.


3. Add spices suitable for the season. I use dill, lemon and ginger for our Easter schnapps. (*)


4. Let it mature for 2-7 days depending on what spices you've added. I removed the ginger after 24 hours, since it usually adds too much spice for my taste.


5. Add a bit of honey or sugar to taste. Stir well!


6. Filter through a regular coffee filter.


7. Pour the schnapps into a bottle.


8. Enjoy responsibly!