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James Bond (also known as Agent 007) is a fictional British spy, created in 1953 by Ian Fleming. After Fleming's death in 1964, Bond continues to live on through the literary creations of Kingsley Amis and John Gardner, just to name a few.


James Bond has perhaps become most famous by the feature films, one of the most successful movie series in film history. The films have had a considerable influence on how the action film genre has developed over the decades.


In addition, Bond is present in several video games, computer games and in comics. The protagonist has also often been parodied in both movies and television. One of the more famous parodies is played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers films.

James Bond works for the British intelligence service MI6 under the name of the 007 (which gives its agents

"a right to kill") directed by M. The missions center around Bond trying to save the world from evil villains.


Bond himself is known for being the epitome of an English gentleman. He often wears luxurious clothes and accessories, and drinks either expensive champagne (preferably Dom Pérignon or Bollinger) or vodka martini ("shaken, not stirred"). He is also famous for driving around in sports cars with amazing accessories that MI6's Mayor Q supplies him with. He lives as if every day were the last and constantly lives on the edge of danger where beautiful women and gadgets help him fight the forces of evil.

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