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Alistair Stuart MacLean (1922 - 1987) was a British (Scottish) author of adventure novels such as the Guns of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare, all became successful films.


MacLean enlisted in the navy in 1941, and the experience from the time there significantly affected his writing. After his time in the Navy, he studied English at the University of Glasgow and then worked as a teacher. During his studies, he started writing short stories to get an extra income.


The maritime-themed story Dileas won a writing contest in the Glasgow Herald newspaper, and he was encouraged by the publisher to continue writing. His first major novel, HMS Ulysses, was inspired by his experiences from the Second World War. The book became a huge success, and he was able to make his living solely from his writing.


During the 1960s he also published two books under the pseudonym, Ian Stuart. From 1963 to 1966, he took a break from writing and operated hotels in England.


Many of his books have been filmed, and MacLean also wrote some of the movie scripts..