The Collections

Collectioseum consists of objects from near and far, the man-made and the natural side by side. The collections are a beautiful display of human curiosity distilled in material form. ​


The collections are sometimes grouped thematically, and the individual objects are different but share common threads in context.


The collections shown on this site are far from complete. We hold large and

Our Areas of Collecting

We all like to know things, especially when it comes to collectibles. We spend much time researching our collectibles, and we're glad to share some basic knowledge on the items we collect.

Below you'll find links to pages of our areas of collecting. Each page has a short introduction to that particular collection and is intended to inspire those of you who are thinking about starting a collection of your own. Some collecting areas also have a How-To Guide with information on what- and how to collect, including how to organize, display, and care for the collection, as well as some more scholarly information about the history of collecting.


If you have any further questions about our collections, please don't hesitate to contact us!

diverse collections, most of them are not displayed here. In due time, however, our goal is to have a complete catalog online. For now, this "virtual museum" is only intended to show some of the highlights, along with theme exhibitions we'd like to share with the general public.

Culture and Nature

Our collections are divided into two main halls, areas or departments if you like. The Cultural Collections consist of man-made objects, e.g., coins and bottles. The Natural Collections are what they sound like, natural objects, found in nature, like shells, insects, and bones.

Hall of Culture

Hall of Nature