About Collectioseum

Collectioseum is the combined result of a curator's passion for collecting and a nation's quest to explore, collect and preserve its heritage. Collectioseum's primary mission is just that; to preserve Unixplorian culture and nature for prosperity. This includes researching the historical and contemporary threads that bind artifacts with context.


There are many people with a passion for collecting. The habit of collecting begins early in life.

Like most children, we were perhaps fascinated by curious things found in nature. Children often have

that natural urge to collect items, and I was no different.​​

My childhood collecting didn't stop at stacking one stone on top of another. Through the years my

interest in collecting has deepened. When studying at university I began to take an interest in collecting

from a scientific standpoint, and soon found that it has played an important part in (mainly) Western

thinking throughout history.​

The thin line between collecting as a professional practice vis-à-vis collecting as a hobby has proven

to be a bit thicker than I first thought. Collecting and science have quite a bit in common. The most

common ground being that of classifying and learning from objects, natural or man-made.


I have been collecting a wide range of different objects during my ongoing 'mania.' Since I've always

had a hard time choosing what's most interesting, I began collecting thematically instead.

Whenever I stumble over a new interest, I start collecting all kinds of objects linked to that

particular subject. The objects then become gateways to learning new things.

I also tend to view different artifacts as being part of a long chain of history. I marvel when holding

A Roman oil lamp in my hands. Two thousand years of history before my eyes. It's incredible when

you consider the extraordinary journey that object has made in time and space.

I sincerely hope that some of the passion I feel for collecting can rub off on you, dear readers.


King Leif I

Curator and Protector of Collectioseum