Academia Unixploria - Academy of Arts and Sciences

Curious Expeditions promotes the exploration of the Unixplorian Culture and Nature by funding research and expeditions, both nationally and internationally.

The Citizen Scientists of Unixploria is a non-profit organization which promotes and takes part in different scientific endeavors in Unixploria.

Looking for A Real Challenge?

Then why not join us in our latest endeavor to become a true polymath! This course is more like a life project where we get the tools to learn like the masters. We study an array of subjects using individual curricula to better suit prior levels of education. The core of this educational project consists of different tools to improve your learning, as well as cognitive insights.

Academia Unixploria is a university based on the pillars of classical education. We study all subjects known to man under the constant guidance of our historical masters.


We offer programmes and classes to all citizens of Unixploria. We aim to instill a sense of pride and awe when exploring the realms of knowledge. We may lean on knowledge passed down from generations, but we strive to live and learn in the present.


Our curricula are built upon the idea of self-study, as are most university courses. Self-discipline and a great deal of prior knowledge is essential to pass our exams. As all our students are Unixplorian citizens, this should be no problem considering that all Unixplorians have at least 13 years of prior schooling.


Students attend Academia Unixploria to become true explorers of the worlds of knowledge.



Our Departments