Micronations and Macronations

Micronations and Macronations

The Kingdom of Unixploria was founded in a deep belief that we can do better. Every citizen of our great kingdom has a dual citizenship, and we have a long history with our countries of birth. That initial spark to change things for the better has been with us ever since we started forming our new nation.

A micronation is never born in a void, it is a result of inspiration (and sometimes disbelief) from other nations. Even though we are all proud to be Unixplorians, we also share a pride of being citizens of macronations.

We share historical and cultural ties tolother countries around the globe, and although our traditions and values are Judeo-Christian and Western many of us live blissful lives in fictional countries (all countries are fictional creations). It is not entirely different compared to citizens of macronations, who often speak with a sence of awe of long gone countries or cultures they used to have ties to in one way or the other.


We are proud of our past as well as our present achievments, but do not think that our pride is a result of ignorance or prejudice. We stand firm in our belief that what it all boils down to is the simple fact that we all just have one true native home in this vast universe. We call that home Tellus.

The flags and Coat of Arms down below represent our background and our history, but not our future.